Pulling off an intersession takes a lot of work and wouldn't be possible without a lot of help. Our partners were Steven Raichlen, Eli's BBQ, City BBQ, Cincinnati State's Midwest Culinary Institute, Weber and 5th 3rd Bank. You can contact Mr. Frecker at: freckea@cps-k12.org or 513-363-7427. Thank You to everyone's support it means a lot to us!

A VERY huge thanks to Steven Raichlen and the Companion Group Steven_Raichlen_Bio2.pngwho provided us with supplies from BBQ sauce to our prizes. Look in the pictures and you can see students won books, tongs, spatulas and other cool stuff. Watching his videos was really helpful in deciding what we wanted to make and we learned a lot about different types of grilling and smoking.




Eli's BBQ - HUGE thanks to Eli's BBQ and Elias for taking the day and using their time to teach us a little bit about Barbequing!
http://elisbarbeque.com/ DSC02545.JPG

City BBQ - Thanks to city BBQ for providing us meals rubs and sauces!


Cincinnati State- Thanks to Cincinnati State for letting us use their kitchen to prepare for the big day. Couldn't do it without you guys!


5th 3rd bank- Thank you to Mr. Williams and our Fifth Third Volunteers who had made our big competition day a huge success!! We really appreciate it!



Thank you to Weber for providing us with prizes!!Weber