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What is Intersession?
A Cooperative program between parents, teachers, students and the community to allow students to explore and engage in areas of interest that they would not be exposed to in a traditional classroom setting. It is an Interest based immersive learning experience designed to challenge students to take learning beyond school and into the community, their homes and their futures.
Mr. Frecker:
Mr. Frecker is our outstanding intersession teacher. He is really amazing to us and always tries to do his best to keep us happy. He is the 10th grade team leader and basically the person who made the structure of Hughes STEM High School! Without him, none of this would have been possible, we cant just make up the intersession ourselves!! Pulling off an intersession takes a lot of work and wouldn't be possible without a lot of help. If you ever want to help Mr. Frecker help us, you can contact Mr. Frecker at: or 513-363-7427 and thank you!


Hughes STEM High School is a school that is STEM Based. Meaning we are based upon Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
Hughes is a old high school that's in Cincinnati, Ohio. It's a 7-12 grade high school.

Big Red BBQ is an intersession at Hughes STEM high school, Intersessions are held every year before spring break. Instead of students going to there classes, they have fun going places doing things and learning new things. In this intersession we used technology to learn how to create our movies, to BBQ and to do many more things! In Big Red BBQ students create there own rubs to put on chicken, ribs, briskets and many other choices. On day 5 of the intersession there is a contest to see who can create the best BBQ and whoever wins can be a judge the next year. All of this amazing fun is put together by may people, but mainly our teacher, Mr. Frecker